Social Security Disability Law

Additional Information for Those Planning to Take the Social Security Specialization Examination

The examination consists of a three hour morning session and a three hour afternoon session.

There are 900 total points on the examination. Passing score on the entire examination is 630 points. If the committee decides not to score one or more questions because of problems which become apparent after administering the examination, the passing score will be adjusted to 70% of the total points on the examination.

The morning session consists of 19 widely varying questions. Of these 19, two are labeled long essay questions. The rest are a variety of shorter essay and short answer questions. The point value of each morning question is shown. The point values vary widely from question to question.

There are 90 multiple choice questions on the afternoon portion of the examination. Each afternoon session question counts for 5 points.

Those taking the examination should assume the current statutes, regulations and interpretations in effect in North Carolina. Do not consider any planned or proposed changes in the appeals process. Also please assume that the questions concern claimants who live in North Carolina.

The NC State Bar Specialization Website includes the list of subject matter as stated in the NC Lawyer’s Handbook - .2805 (e) (1).  In addition, the topics listed below may be tested. There will not be a question on each of these topics on the examination, but there will be questions on some of these topics.

Acceptable medical sources
Adopted children
Aged widows benefits
Appeals Council
Approval for more than one type of Title II benefit
Back benefits as SSI resource
Child's benefits
Child's SSI
Correcting earnings record
Death of claimant
Dedicated accounts
Deferred development at DDS
Deficits in adaptive functioning
Direct deposit
Disabled widowers benefits
Drug abuse and alcoholism
Earnings that may not represent SGA - sick pay, vacation pay, disability benefits, military wages while in medical holding company
Expedited processing
Extended period of eligibility
Failure to follow prescribed treatment
Federal Court
Fugitive felon
Illegitimate children
In forma pauperis
In-kind support and maintenance
Interim benefits
Magistrate jurisdiction
Medicare qualified government employees
More on medicine
Mother's benefits
Noncompliance with medical advice
Objecting to CE
Payment of SSI Child benefits
Payment of travel expenses
Sentence 4 vs. Sentence 6 remands
Simultaneous entitlement to two or more benefits
SSI income
SSI resources
Staged payment of SSI back benefits
Strength demands of jobs
Travel expense reimbursement
VR exception
Weighing medical opinion evidence
Windfall offset

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