Profiles in Specialization

In each edition of the North Carolina State Bar Journal, there is an article that profiles a board certified specialist. Below are the interviews that have been published.

25-Year Honorees (Summer 2012)

Jennifer Adams (Summer 2009)

Rayford (Trip) Adams III (Summer 2009)

Cynthia Aziz (Winter 2005)

Shelby Benton (Winter 2011)

Edward C. Boltz (Winter 2006)

Charlie D. Brown (Spring 2006)

Bill Bryner (Spring 2014)

Margaret S. Bunham (Summer 2002)

Laurie Burch, Robert Joneth, and Kevin Rodgers (Winter 2012)

Michael A. Colombo (Spring 2007)

Michelle Connell (Spring 2012)

Buxton S. Copeland (Winter 2014)

Kimberly R. Coward (Summer 2015)

Renny Deese (Winter 2003)

Sean P. Devereux (Fall 2003)

Kate Dreher (Fall 2006)

Garth Dunklin (Summer 2006)

Justice Robert Edmunds (Spring 2011)

Family Law Specialty Committee (Summer 2013)

Chris Fialko (Winter 2013)

Kathleen S. Glancy (Fall 2004)

Nancy Guyton (Fall 2008)

Bill Janvier (Winter 2002)

Bruce F. Jobe (Summer 2004)

Afi Johnson-Parris (Fall 2015)

Valerie Johnson (Fall 2002)

Robert C. Kemp III (Fall 2014)

Matthew Ladenheim (Spring 2014)

George Laughrun II (Summer 2010)

Bailey Liipfert III (Fall 2010)

Janet M. Lyles (Summer 2007)

Joseph G. Maddrey (Winter 2009)

Christa McGill (Spring 2009)

Jeremy McKinney (Spring 2008)

Martha Milam (Spring 2005)

E. K. Morley (Winter 2008)

James W. Narron (Summer 2003)

New Specialists in Juvenile Delinquency - Criminal Law (Spring 2013)

Charles E. Nichols Jr. (Spring 2004)

Virginia Noble (Spring 2009)

George Oliver (Summer 2011)

Stewart Poisson (Spring 2010)

Jan Pritchett (Summer 2008)

Anand Ramaswamy (Winter 2010)

Jill Raspet (Fall 2009)

Eben Rawls (Winter 2004)

Ann Robertson (Spring 2003)

Lisa Salines-Mondello (Spring 2015)

Pamela Silverman (Summer 2014)

Mark E. Sullivan (Winter 2007)

Beth Tillman and Crhistina Goshaw Hinkle (Fall 2013)

Wake Family Law Group (Fall 2005)

Daniel Walden (Spring 2006)

Jeri Whitfield (Fall 2011)

Heather Ziemba (Fall 2012)

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