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During the five years preceding application:

Average of at least 400 hours a year.

Minimum of 300 hours for any one year.

Practice equivalents may be accepted for the following:

  • full time employment as a compliance officer for one year or more
  • service as a law professor for one year or more.


During the five years preceding application:

At least 60 hours of CLE in privacy law and related areas.

No less than 6 credits in privacy law any one year.

Of the 60 hours, at least 30 hours in privacy law.

The remaining 30 hours may be in the related areas listed at the bottom of this page.*


Must provide the names of six lawyers or judges who are familiar with the competence and qualification of the applicant in privacy law.

All references must be licensed and in good standing in North Carolina or another jurisdiction in the US. No more than three may be licensed in another jurisdiction.

A reference may not be related by blood or marriage to the applicant nor may the reference be a colleague at the applicant’s place of employment at the time of the application.


Additional provisions may apply, so please review the recertification standards set forth in 27 NCAC Subchapter D, Sections .3100.

*Related areas include:

  • Information technology law, including licensing
  • Intellectual property law
  • Consumer protection law
  • Employment discrimination law
  • Health discrimination law
  • Other anti-discrimination law
  • Public records laws
  • Financial regulation
  • Consumer marketing law
  • National security law
  • Related criminal laws (e.g., computer fraud and abuse act)
  • Related international and human rights laws

Technical CE would be:

  • Information security CE, such as the courses offered by or recognized by the ISC2 for certified information system security professionals (CSISP), the IAPP’s Certified Information Privacy Technician (CIPT), and similar certifications.
  • Information systems CE, such as the courses offered by or recognized by Microsoft for purposes of the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE), CompTIA, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect, Certified ScrumMaster®, and similar certifications.