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Friday, August 21, 2020

commentsAfter nearly two years of work, the Special Committee to Study the Amendments to the ABA

Model Rules on Advertising has concluded its preliminary review. Members of the committee diligently studied both the Model Rules on advertising and the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct on advertising. Their recommendations include revision of the rule text to reflect North Carolina’s historic treatment of the terms “specialist” or “specialize” by specifically prohibiting use of those terms unless the lawyer is certified as a specialist in the field of practice.

During the course of its work, the committee received and considered many communications from specialists supporting North Carolina’s historic protection of these terms. The committee’s current recommendations will be published in the upcoming edition of the State Bar Journal, and can be viewed onlineAny specialists wanting to comment on these proposed rule amendments—including support for the proposed rule regarding specialization—can email To be included in the materials to go before the council at its next meeting, comments must be received by October 8, 2020.

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