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Congratulations on becoming a North Carolina State Bar Board Certified Specialist! You have reached a status that only 3.6% of your colleagues have achieved. In North Carolina, there are 1,158 Board Certified Specialists in a community of approximately 32,400 lawyers. (Jan. 2024)

As a certified specialist, you now possess a powerful tool to enhance your professional profile. Our extensive market research reveals that board certification significantly influences clients' choices, with 40% considering it the most crucial factor when selecting a lawyer.

We've curated valuable insights and resources to help you effectively promote your new certification. This exclusive information is designed to elevate your practice and establish you as a trusted legal resource.

Here's a sneak peek of what's included:

Using the Right Terminology

As a Board Certified Specialist, you can leverage this powerful differentiator across all your marketing channels—listings, social media, ads, email signature, and website. Our research reveals that there is nearly a threefold increase in inquiries, just for including your certification status in your listings and communications.

Below are some acceptable uses of the word “specialist” for advertising and listing purposes:

  • John Doe, Board Certified Specialist in Bankruptcy Law
  • John Doe, Bankruptcy Law Specialist
  • John Doe, Attorney at Law, Certified as a Specialist in Business Bankruptcy by the North Carolina State Bar.

In addition, our research found that 38% of respondents consider board certification the single most important factor when choosing an attorney.

We know the implications of these findings can provide valuable insights into how to communicate with prospective and active clients. We encourage you to read our study summary and conclusions here.

Specialization Logos 


Logos are both a mark of distinction and a tool for education. That is why we’ve created professional specialization logos for use on your website, business cards, letterhead, social media, lawyer listings (i.e. Super Lawyers, Lawyer Legion, and American College of Board Certified Attorneys, etc.), and more.

On this page you can download logos for each specialty, including special logos for lawyers who have been certified for 30+ years in bankruptcy, estate planning and probate law, and real property law.

Specialization Badges

Family Law JPG

Badges are like logos, but smaller. This makes them easier to incorporate into web pages or documents where a logo may be too big. Use badges on your website, include them in your email signature, etc. Their small size and classic design make them very “portable” for a wide variety of uses. We encourage you to include badges in all your marketing materials and listings.

We have created badges specific to each specialty. View or download the badges here.

Social Media Use

As a board certified specialist, social media can be a valuable tool to further your professional goals and reach a wider audience. Social media allows you to establish a credible online presence, share your experience and knowledge, and connect with potential clients and colleagues in the legal industry. In our full media kit, we provide detailed instructions for crafting your social media bio and announcement posts.

Email Signature

In addition to incorporating the Specialization logo on your marketing collateral, it is also a great idea to include it on your email signature. Having this recognition will help reinforce to prospective clients that you are different from other lawyers as a Board Certified Specialist. In our full media kit, we provide detailed examples of how you can structure your email signature.

Website Integration

Your website is a great avenue through which to reach potential clients, provide a snapshot of your firm, and display what a client can expect when working with you. As a Board Certified Specialist, there are several places you should display this title on your website – both visible and on the backend. In our full media kit, we identify these areas, their impact, and provide details and tips for execution.

Promote Your New Certification with a Press Release

Writing and submitting a press release is an important step for publicizing your new status as a Board Certified Specialist. With so many new digital avenues for “getting the word out,” some people think issuing a press release is old-fashioned and ineffective. However, research and experience show that a properly written and targeted press release is one of the most powerful tools for promoting your business. And it doesn’t cost you anything but a bit of time and effort. In our full media kit, we provide tips for writing and submitting a press release, including a sample press release template.

To access the full guide and unlock the power of marketing your Board Certification Specialist title, simply email Denise Mullen. We are committed to providing you with the tools you need to thrive in your specialized practice.