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Welcome to "The Specialist," the official newsletter of the Board of Legal Specialization.

February 2021 (Spotlight: James H. Jeffries IV)

January 2021 ( Spotlight: C. Thomas Steele Jr.)

September 2020 (Spotlight: William E. Brewer Jr.)

August 2020 (Proposed Rule Amendments)

July 2020 (Spotlight: Doyle Early)

June 2020 (LEAF Scholarship Recipient)

April 2020 (30 and 25 Year Specialists)

February 2020 (Annual Luncheon/Award Nominations)

January 2020 (Specialty Exam Integrity)

November 2019 (Utilities Roundtable)

September 2019 (Applicant Profile)

August 2019 (Recertification Deadline)

July 2019 (Specialization Reception Recap)

June 2019 (Encourage Someone to Apply)

May 2019 (Service and Excellence Award Winners)