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New Specialty Practice Area: Employment Law

Employment law was approved as a new specialty area by the North Carolina Supreme Court this month. This brings the number of practice areas offered for specialization in North Carolina up to 15. The standards for initial certification can be reviewed on the State Bar's website

The initial specialty committee members (listed below) will offer a BETA exam this fall. Interested applicants will be able to apply for certification in 2025. Questions? Contact Denise Mullen or Sheila Saucier.

Employment Law Specialty Committee

Grant Osborne, Chair, Asheville

Will Oden, Co-Vice Chair, Wilmington

Phil Gibbons, Co-Vice Chair, Charlotte

W. Joseph Austin, Raleigh

Kevin Murphy, Charlotte

Nicole Patino, Asheboro

Mimi Soule, Raleigh


Advisory Committee Members

Denise Cline, Raleigh

S. McKinley Gray III, New Bern

Kelly S. Hughes, Charlotte

Andrew K. McVey, Wilmington

Laura J. Wetsch, Raleigh

Certification Media Toolkit

We're excited to announce the launch of an exclusive certification media toolkit designed for board certified specialists! The toolkit highlights the importance of showcasing your board certification to prospective clients and provides guidance and resources for your use. The toolkit is aimed at assisting you in highlighting your unique experience and the dedication that comes with your credentials. This can help you gain the trust and confidence of potential clients—a valuable step in their legal journey—and can differentiate your services in the competitive legal market.

Certification Application Deadline – May 1, 2024 

If you know of a colleague who might be ready to apply for certification, please encourage them to apply this week. Applications are available in the State Bar Member Portal. Summaries of the standards can be found on the Specialization Website.