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During the five years preceding application:

Average of at least 400 hours a year.

Minimum of 100 hours for any one year.

Practice equivalents may be accepted for the following:

  • service as a state district court judge for one year.
  • participation in certain juvenile justice activities.
  • service as law professor in a juvenile delinquency clinic.

An applicant must also provide information about juvenile delinquency court experience such as: (A) Representation of juveniles or the state during the applicant’s entire legal career in juvenile delinquency hearings concluded by disposition; (B) Representation of juveniles or the state in juvenile delinquency felony cases; (C) Court appearances in other substantive juvenile delinquency proceedings in juvenile court; (D) Representation of juveniles or the state through transfer to adult court; and (E) Representation of juveniles or the state in appeals of juvenile delinquency decisions.


During the five years preceding application:

At least 65 hours of CLE in criminal and juvenile delinquency.

No less than 6 credits in any one year.

Of the 65 hours, at least 20 hours shall be in juvenile delinquency law.

The balance may be in the following related fields: substantive criminal law, criminal procedure, trial advocacy, and evidence.


Must provide the names of ten lawyers or judges who are familiar with the competence and qualification of the applicant in juvenile delinquency law.

All references must be licensed and in good standing to practice law and must have significant legal or judicial experience in juvenile delinquency law.

A reference may not be related by blood or marriage to the applicant nor may the reference be a colleague at the applicant’s place of employment at the time of the application.

Additional provisions may apply, so please review the recertification standards set forth in 27 NCAC Subchapter D, Sections .2509.