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Application forms for 2024 will be accessed online through the State Bar’s membership portal.

Late applications may be submitted by May 10 at 5 pm. Please contact Denise Mullen 919-828-4620 x 255) to inquire about submitting a late application. 

The tentative 2024 exam schedule is listed below.

Exam Dates

The anticipated 2024 specialization exam schedule is listed below. Exams will be offered either in-person or through remote proctoring. It is preferred that examinees come to the State Bar building for exams that require the use of open book materials or attachments. Please contact specialization staff regarding requests for accommodation. Additional information, including exam registration forms, will be provided following the August meeting of the Board of Legal Specialization.

Elder Law
Remote Exam Administration

See the National Elder Law Foundation calendar for upcoming exam dates. *State Bar staff members can be available as on-site proctors upon request.

Appellate Practice, Criminal Law (State and/or Federal)*, Estate Planning, Juvenile Delinquency, Real Property (Commercial and/or Residential)*, Utilities Law and Trademark Law
State Bar Building in Raleigh Preferred

October 18 or
October 21

*2nd day required ONLY for those seeking certification in both federal and state criminal law or both residential and commercial real property law. Please contact specialization staff to schedule.

Last day for in-person exam administration: October 24

Child Welfare Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Privacy and Information Security Law, Social Security Disability and Workers' Compensation Law
Remote Exam Administration Preferred

October 25 or
October 28

Last day for remote exam administration: October 30

Bankruptcy Law
State Bar Building in Raleigh

October 30 or

November 4

*2nd day required ONLY for those seeking certification in both business and consumer bankruptcy law.